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We have rated the best seed banks in the world for our grower's using a standard set of criteria. Unfortunately the list is very short. Poor customer service and mislabeling of seeds being the biggest complaints. These recommended seed banks are established businesses with good reputations in our community. They offer a secure encrypted ordering process, guaranteed delivery, discreet mailing, excellent customer service and original breeder's packaging.


Delivery to USA/World

The Original Sensible Seed Company is not the biggest seed bank but they are the oldest and most trusted in the world. We rate them number one based primarily on having the best price, consistency of customer service and availability of stock for the strains we recommend. They offer stealth packaging to the US which means the seeds are shipped along with a gift such as a t-shirt. They also offer the best quality seeds and gifts as freebies with each order.

  • Price: Excellent
  • Original Breeder's Packaging: Yes
  • Delivery: Guaranteed,Discreet,Stealth
  • Freebies: Best
  • Years in Business: 20

* Warning!: There is a similarly named website called "Sensible Seeds" which is not recommended by us. Click on the banner below to link to the Pot College approved - Original Sensible Seed Company.

We suggest that you purchase these Pot College recommended seeds. They are among the most expensive on the OSSC site but there is a reason for this. They're worth it. You can achieve amazing results with our growing system but seed selection is the single most important factor for your success. Remember we teach cloning techniques so in theory it is only necessary to purchase seeds once.

Best Indoor:
Sensi Seeds Hash Plant
Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Feminized
Sensi Seeds Super Skunk Feminized
Dutch Passion The Ultimate Feminized

Budget Indoor:
Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 Feminized

Best Outdoor:
Dutch Passion AutoMazar Autoflower
Sensi Seeds Super Skunk Automatic

Budget Outdoor:
Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 AutoMatic

Step by Step Ordering Instructions for Original Sensible Seed Company



Delivery to European Union Only

Sensi Seeds is not just a seedbank. They are arguably the best cultivators and breeders in the world and have been for 28 years. You may have noticed that three out of the four Pot College recommended strains are from this legendary breeder. As the original breeders they offer the best price on their seeds and why not order direct from the source? Unfortunately they do not deliver to the USA or outside the European Union.  They have discreet shipping (unmarked packaging) but no stealth shipping.

  • Price: Best
  • Original Breeder’s Packaging: Yes
  • Delivery: Discreet
  • Freebies: Discounts after 500 euros
  • Stock Availability: Best
  • Years in business: 28

* Warning!: There is a similarly named website called "Sensi Seed Bank" which is not recommended by us. Click on the banner below to link to Sensi Seeds.

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